Complete Business Management in Your Pocket.

PROAPP connects traditionally unique department skills and software into one place. The tools to create, promote, and sell your product, service, business, message or campaign all at your finger tips.

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  • John Doe

    Natasha Kiplings

    Writer Simple Design

    "If I want to waste some time I'll log onto Facebook, if I want to invest in my business I login PROAPP and with just 10 minutes I can make measurable, valuable progress."

  • John Doe

    John Natre

    The Furniture Connection

    "Quite possibly my secret weapon, I would have to spend over $1200 bucks a month to get half the functionality I get with [PROAPP] and you keep adding new tools!"

  • John Doe

    Jessica Langly

    Doctor - Family Practice

    "Since we quit basic email and moved to PROAPP we are more consistant in connecting with our patients. Automated funnels and follow ups save invaluable time."

  • John Doe

    Jarrod Washington

    Fashion Designer - Ellas

    "My best assistants don't stay assistants long. With PROAPP I've saved time during these transitions without downtime, letting my new assist get right to work."

What Does PROAPP Offer?

The Tools You Need to Survive in the Modern Marketplace!

With ProApp you have a growing set of tools ready when you are, including: Client Galleries, SocialScheduler, Invoice + Accounting, Website Hosting, Website Builder, Landing Pages + Split testing, ShortUrl + QRCode Manager, Analytics, Cloud Storage, Complete Calendar with Automated Client Booking, Client Consultation Chat, Order tracking, Affiliate tracking, eCommerce, Payments, Pop Up Plugin, Email Campaign Manager, Two-Way-Text, Automation, Reports and so much more...

Super Profile+

Most Profile's aren't fancy, if you turn this one on the information is used to create new connections across the web in brand specific categories.

APP + Website Builder

Quick landing pages and complete websites without the need for developer assistance or collaborate with one and create something more.

Newsletters & Funnels

Automate routine client communication, reminders and confirmations. and finally manage profitable mailing lists.


Manage, Scheudle, and Curate without getting lost in the shuffle. Setup a week worth of posts in just a few minutes.



Private online storage. Create, manage and share spreadsheets, documents and media with password access. Your Data, when you need it.

Blog & Articles

Blogs connect you to your fans like no other and let the web know what your site is about, articles introduce you to new customers.


Complete communication. Integrated SMS, Email, Chat. It's easy to navigate and connect to your internal contacts and new clients.


Simple, Progressive Analytics. Finally understand where your clients come from, where they go, and why they stay.

Why Choose PROAPP?

All Together, On Every Level; PROAPP Works for You.

PROAPP's ongoing commitment to evolving means you will always stay operationally up-to-date and ready to ride the next market tend to relevance and niche dominance. Within every application; a dedicated Team ready to make it better and an Assistant ready to help you work it.


Made for Your Evolving Team.

ProApp.Biz (or PROAPP) is Complete Business Management & Network Software for Solo Entrepreneurs and Team Enterprises. ProApp can save you time and money whether are you are just starting up, or updating your existing business to compete online in the modern marketplace.

PROAPP makes it easier to create and manage many aspects of your business, including collaboration tools for your whole team, making work with contractors local or global just a click away. You will be able to track projects, hours, and create reports all while making commission free escrow payments in a matter of minutes.

PROAPP's aim is to make it easier for small businesses to compete in the modern marketplace and works seamlessly with with your in-house employees and out-sourced contractors. PROAPP create and manage products, brands, local campaigns or just great ideas from start to finish.

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The Complete Business ToolKit.

In the new era of entrepreneurship, as business gets leaner and more agile is easier than ever to get lost between tasks. However with ProApp, you get your business off the ground or pivoting to new ideas fast. From wherever you started and with rare exception, success in business is evolution.


PROAPP helps you manages everything from Concept to delivery. PROAPP will help save your business valuable time and money making is easier to just Start-Up.

The ProApp ToolKit!


Concept, Collaborate, and Grow.

Whether hosting your own platform or joining a network, you can manage your source content, track orders, process sales, client galleries, link affiliates and contractors and so much more. Saving you valuable time to grow.

No business is exactly the same and PROAPP is designed with this in mind. Not only does PROAPP provide support, we also continue to create side by side with local start ups to develop new tools for every PROAPP member to utilize.

The hard truth is if you aren't competing online then you may be causing harm to your bottomline and your business could be losing out on sales from the 100's of millions of customers that shop online every day in addition to the thousands of Buyers, Distributors and Local Shops that are looking for a product like yours.

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From Start to Business.

Being prepared for the decade's next big thing is as important as being ready for the moment right now. Manage these bursts of productivity and whole projects come into line with the businesses long term goals.

Whether you are veteran business owner or a startup you will always need to manage teams, often times speaking the different languages of design, marketing, development, manufacturing, sales and even distribution. PROAPP gives you control and ability to get everyone on your team connected in one place.

As you grow, PROAPP grows with you. So while as a new user you may feel lost at first, soon you will be in and out, scheduling a week's worth of social media posts in under ten minutes and your whole team will begin working together seamlessly, saving thousands of hours in billable time.

Entrepreneur's BluePrint!

As the rules of the online world change, your ProApp Account will always stay up to date. Propel your business, from local start-up to regional powerhouse and into the global market.


$ 95 /month

  • One ProApp Panel
  • Unlimited Access
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Updates
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Employees
  • Unlimited Contractors
  • 24/7 Technical Support
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Enterprise OnSite

$ 50000 /month

  • 1,000 ProApp Panels
  • Unlimited Access
  • Contact For Details
  • Unlimited Updates
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Employees
  • Unlimited Contractors
  • 24/7 OnSite Support*
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As the rules of business change: How will your customers evolve?
ProApp evolves with our clients demands in an ever changing marketplace. We aim empower, protect, and inspire. We don't sell your data or cookies. No Ads. No Double Dealing.

Technical-confusion can cost valuable time and money. PROAPP makes it easy to access your account from any browser. PROAPP also takes it a step further by fully supporting our own pro level hardware.


$ 45

  • DataHinge
  • ProApp Supported Hardware
  • Pro Hardware & Specs
  • Wireless Link
  • 24/7 Secure Access
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$ 895

  • Desktop
  • ProApp Supported Hardware
  • Pro Hardware & Specs
  • Wireless Keyboard & Mouse
  • Professional Desktop Kit
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PROAPP devices have long use-of-life cycles so you won't be left in the silicon everytime there's an update.

Where do you send your customers if they can't find it now? is it just a delivery away? A PROAPP in-store kiosk is the perfect way to bridge the divide. Gain recurring customer sales, supply their needs with ease.

Mini Kiosk

$ 295

  • Standard Display
  • ProApp Supported Hardware
  • Touch Screen Enabled
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, and Beacon Ready
  • 24/7 Customer & Technical Support
  • Interactive Engagement & eCommerce!
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Standard Kiosk

$ 1495

  • Standard Display
  • ProApp Supported Hardware
  • Touch Screen Enabled
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, and Beacon Ready
  • 24/7 Customer & Technical Support
  • Interactive Engagement & eCommerce!
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Link Your Kiosk to Your Own application, website, gallery, Shoppple!, or any other eCommerce platform.

Technical-peace-of-mind is hard to come by. However, with PROAPP Supported Hardware; you have it.